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Now all you Amber stans know what it’s like for us kurtsies when Kurt didn’t get a song in the disco episode. Kurt hasn’t had a solo since episode 2 and I Have Nothing is actually relevant to his storyline.

And with good reason, Chris Colfer can’t sing with his toothless ass. He ruined a classic. He should be ashamed.

37 notes - 20 April, 2012

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    I wish I’d taken a picture of my sister’s face when I told her he was “singing’ that song. She doesn’t even watch Glee.
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    i’m a Kurtsie and I’m in rage, really…
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    pam love, you need to know you’re place. Hint, hint, it’s not here.
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    LOL poor Kurt didn’t get a solo. But when he does get one he makes people want to drink bleach. What’s funny is how...
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    Really OP? As a Kurtsie and Klainer, I’m gonna ask you to step the fuck off.
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    lol you are not a kurtsie. You’re a klainer. Contrary to what YOU believe, there is actually a difference. If you gave a...
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    Imma need for you to shut the fuck up, because we actually were mad that he didn’t have a solo in that ep. They could...
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